Digital Classroom! :)

    Good morning students,

    Here's the link for our meeting today at 10:00 A.M. See you soon!





    We will be working on-line over the next few weeks.  Learners will be using 


    MindPlay (at least 20 minutes a day)

    HMH county resource for Math, Science, and Social Studies

    Overdrive for Accelerated Reader

    Learners will be going into my Google Classroom each morning.  I will have daily assignments each in each of the subject folders.  They will need to submit them to me for credit and grades.  We will be taking grades on assignments over the upcoming weeks.  I stressed to the class how important it is to get into a routine each day (Monday-Friday).  

    We will also be having Google Meet at least three times a week, which is MANDATORY!  They will be given a code to type in to join me via Google Classroom and this will be a face-to-face chat.  This will give you, as well as your student, the opportunity to ask questions and check on everyone.

    Please contact me via ClassDojo when needed.  I will be available each day from 7am-4pm for assistance. 


    Weekly Schedule!


    Monday, Wednesday, Friday- Reading, Writing, and Math

    Tuesday, Thursday- Science and Social Studies 


    Google Meet!

    In order to better serve you and your student during the school closure time, Google Meet will be available for us to communicate and face to face chat. 

    On your phone, you may download it as an app titled "Hangouts Meet by Google"
    On your computer, you may download it at meet.google.com

    I will post daily updates as well as times for face to face video chats on my webpage as well as Google Classroom; please check daily