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  • Ms. Heather Kirschenbaum



    Les salutations et les annonces

    Bonjour à tous! Vos leçons sont sur Google Classroom pendant ce temps d'apprentissage à distance. Demandez-moi via e-mail si vous avez besoin de l'aide pendant ce temps. Merci de votre patience et de votre travail. J'ai hâte de voir ce que vous me rendrez comme devoirs. Comme d'habitude, je suis là pour vous, quoi que ce soit. A bientôt! 

    Greetings and announcements

    Hello everyone! Your lessons are on Google Classroom during this time of remote learning. Ask me via email if you need help during this time. Thank you for your patience and your hard work. I look forward to seeing what you will be turning in as homework. As always, I'm here for you for whatever you need. See you soon!


    Goals for this week

     All classes are working on their final project for the year. Rubrics are on Google Classroom along with step by step checkpoints along the way to help students finish on time.

    French 1: Learn about francophone foods and learn to order food in French

    French 2: Learn about travel in French

    French 3: Learn to talk about arts and culture in French

    Check google classroom for details and assignments



    Teacher contact hours during Remote Learning:

    12 noon - 2pm and by appointment.

    Please contact me via email with questions or concerns. Outside of my remote learning contact hours, students and families can expect a response to emails within 24 hours on work days. 



    Off hour for teacher collaboration:



    Office hours:

    7:45-8:15 and 3:15-3:45



Documents for remote learning

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.