Miss Reid



    Hi Parents and Students,

    My name is Miss Reid and I am Team 601's Math Teacher.   I am so excited to meet you!  This year is going to be an exciting year full of new dreams, goals, challenges and great adventures.  I have been teaching for over 8 years and enjoy the blessing of touching each and every child for now and eternity.  I believe all children are precious and can learn on or above grade level!  I will be working diligently with you parents to ensure your child's success here at Stockbridge Middle School (SMS).

    This year at Stockbridge Middle School, I will also be teaching Acclerated Math and Math 180.  I know your child fits in one of three cstegories in regards to their Math attitude: Math is fun, Math is OK, I hate Math!  I understand all of these attitudes because as I was growing up I went through all those phases until I met some awesome teachers who nurtured my understanding and I began to love Math.  Believe it or not, Math is everywhere! The sooner we can appreciate this truth... the more adventurous and open our minds to a journey of learning!

    I can't wait to meet you!...but in the mean  time please feel free to to explore my virtual classroom and begin your first sweet taste of how awesome learning at SMS will be!