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    Teacher Name:Tnisha Hill
    School Email Address: tnisha.hill@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subject: Business Education
    Location: Connections Hall (Room 409)
    Office Hours: 3:00-4:00pm Tuesday and Thursday
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    Greetings and Welcome 

    Parents and Scholars of Luella Middle School 


    "We are beating the odds"

    Shows our strength to endure. 

    I am delighted and enthused to teach the Luella Middle School students under the 

    CTAE Program.

    Career, Technology, Argricultural Education


    Who is Mrs. Hill?

    Native of Spartanburg, SC. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and currently attending Walden University for a Masters in Teaching (M.A.T) . I am looking forward to a year filled with academic growth and knowledge! I hope through converstation and lessons that a mindset is ignited, prepared, and empowered to encourage  students to find a interest in a furture career endeavor throught the CTAE program. 



    What is Business & Technology Education? Business and Technology Education Syllabus

    Business Education is the foundational course to assist middle school aged students with learning computer technology and everyday programs. The course is designed for students as a gateway to aid in writing APA format papers, build presentations, and gain empolyable skills that will provide an overview of business and technology skills required for today’s environment.

    Information will be located here but mostly in Google classroom to ensure students and parents have the lastest updates.

    Syllabus, Google Classroom and Applied Digital Learning codes are located in each grade level.

    Please feel free to email me with your questions and concerns. I will do my best to adress all concerns through email or phone call within 24 hours. 

    At LMS, we know that when we work with our students, parents and community, we can help all of our students have a successful year of growth. 


    Office Hours: During Virtual/ Remote learning you can use the code or dial in to Google Meets. I will be available to answer any questions you have about joining your connection class or any other class you need to join. 

    To join the video meeting please refer to the google classroom



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