• WHO? I am a mother of one daughter. I am the daughter of the best mom in the whole wide world. I am creative, innovative, and always concerned about student sucess. 

    WHERE? I am originally from a small city called Albany, GA. I graduated from Albany State University, where the GOLDEN RAMS run the show!

    WHAT? I teach 5th grade Math and Science. I have been teaching 17 years and it has been a rewarding journey!

    WHY? I teach to encourage students to give 100% and they will see growth. I teach to motivate students and show them what they are capable of. I teach to see students eyes light up when 'they finally get it! It is one of the most wonderful experience in the world.

    WHEN? Learning takes place every day! It is important to be present to ensure growth and academic success. I am present EVERY DAY unless there's an emergency.