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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in English Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Doctorate of Strategic Communications (Expected 2024)

Ms. Ahkilah Childs

Welcome to Ms. Childs' Drama Class!!!

Hello!!! I’m Ahkilah Childs, the new Drama teacher here at ELHS. I am so excited to be at The Landing and even more excited to be back in my comfort zone which is THE ARTS. My love for theater and writing started as a little girl with my dolls, but I started to cultivate and nourish that love at Agnes Scott College, my alma mater. I received my BA in Creative Writing from Agnes Scott and took courses in theater, public speaking, fashion, poetry, film, etc. I also received my MFA in Creative Writing at Lindenwood University. As a result, I hope that I can share these experiences with my students and truly give them a refreshed and refined taste of drama, and a true connection to their right brain. In school, we often turn on the logic in the left brain, and the imagination and creativity in the right brain is just left idle with no real ways of exposure except for doodles on notebook paper throughout the day. I am here to change that!!!


I have a four year old son, Davin, who is as rambunctious as he is sweet. I also have one adolescent sister and my parents who reside here; the rest of my extended family is in Murfreesboro, TN. I have lived in the south my whole life; specifically, my journey has placed me in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and Virginia for a brief period. I enjoy online shopping, reading, writing, watching old movies for ideas, walks in the park, and singing loudly and off-key in the car. I also love to eat so working out is necessary but not enjoyed.


Please email me at or contact me on the Remind app @childs1005. 


My office hours are 4-6 PM Monday and Wednesday. Other times may be available if scheduled in advance. 


2020 was certainly a special year, but we will make the best of it and ACT accordingly.