• Swinson Wolf Pack 2020



    March 30, 2020 

    Good morning!  Here is today's learning schedule:

    Reading and Phonics:  

    Break Brain Food (page 7):  Write 2 words that have the same vowel. 
                                                  Find the proper nouns and write correctly on the line
    .  (Form will be on Google Classroom.)  


    Break Brain Food (page 7).  Fill in the time shown on the analog clock.  
                                                 Complete each equation with <, >, or =    (Form for shapes will be on Google Classroom).

    Finish Geometry:  Lesson and assignment are on ClassLink:  District Resources (yellow smiley ED).
    Do in the following order:
         Task 2:  Identify and Draw Two-Dimensional Shapes
         Interactive Challenge:  Identify Two-Dimensional Shapes

    Social Studies:

    Complete Juliette Gordon Low passage, and answer questions.

    • Remember to mark your paragraphs.
    • Read the passage.
    • Read the questions, and circle important words that may help to locate the answer in the passage.
    • Find the answer in the passage, and highlight.  
    • Select your answer.   


    Finish Plants and Animals:  Lesson and assignment are on ClassLink:  District Resources (yellow smiley ED)
    When you first open this page, it will be on the Math materials. 
         To change to Science, locate the blue square that is centered at the top of the page.  (To the right of the smiley ED logo.)
         Select the drop-down box.  You will see more classes listed.  
         Select 1225.0 24 Science.  
         Select ASSIGNMENTS.  

         Complete Digital View- Review assignment.

    Please complete from last week:  There are still 9 people that have not completed this part.
    Complete Digital Lesson.  (review if needed.)
    Complete Online Assessment.  (review the digital lesson again if you miss more than 1.




    To Access ClassLink:  https://launchpad.classlink.com/henry

    User Id:  student lunch number

    Password:  first initial  last initial  birthdate  #                  example:  as090112#