Welcome! I am excited to have an opportunity to work with the AMAZING scholars of SBE! 

    Please read with your child for a minimim of 30 minutes daily. Allow them to choose books they will enjoy based on thier interest. They may also enojy reading magazines and  newpapers. It is not a bad idea to have them watch television. When they do watch, ask them questions like, Who was the main character? How did the character change? What type of character traits did the main character show? How did the setting change throughout the text? Identify the problem in the story? Was there a solution for the problem? They could also read song lyrics. This will help with fluency. 

    Here's a list of websites for free digital books: 

    Storyline online

    International Children's Digital Library (ICDL)

    Open Library

    Amazon's Free Kids eBooks

    Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books For Kids

    Mrs. P's Magic Library


     Please email me if you have any questions.