• Hello 2020!

    I am glad to be back after maternity leave of my first born [Emmylou]. I am an Interralted, ESE, teacher and support 2nd grade, Mrs. Truitt & 4th Grade, Mrs. Nies and Brame. Please contact me at anna.logan@henry.k12.ga.us 

    Remote Learning

    During this remote, digital learning I am working along side my 2nd and 4th grade teachers. I will be going LIVE within their Google Meets, facilitating reading groups, and help collect resources as we are all figuring this out together. OdysseyWare and AR are up and running and are great supplemental activites that can be found on your students ClassLink/Launchpad (link below). Please contact me via email with any questions, concerns, or how I can further support your childs learning. 

    and always...

    Read! Read! Read!