• Welcome to 4th/5th Grade Gifted and Advanced Math/Science!

    I hope everyone had a restful summer and that you all are ready to begin our learning adventure this year!  


    A Little About Mrs. Threlkeld:

    You probably recognize me from the Science Lab last year.  I am thrilled to be back in the regular classroom where I can really connect with my students and parents.  This is an exciting time where we all are on a new adventure in learning.  Hopefully, we can be back in the buildilng soon.  Until then, we are the great explorers and adventurers, like Matthew Henson and Lewis and Clark paving ways into the digital learning age.  I will be patient with you, as  you are patient with me going into unknown territory.  

    Facts: I have been teaching for close to 30 years.  I have taught all grades from Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.  I have taught all core subject areas.  I love both Math and Science.  I love hiking, reading, gardening, writing, and the great learning adventure that awaits me every day.

    I am married and have two grown children, three biological grandchildren, two other grandchildren, and countless children I refer to as my grandchildren, though they are not related to me other than through friendships and acquaintences.  Teaching children to love learning is my passion in life.

    I look forward to meeting and getting acquainted with each and every student and parent in my classes.  Parents may email me with any questions.  Students, please wait for further instructions on when an how you may email or communicate with me.  

    Mrs. Threlkeld

    S.T.E.M. Certified

    Gifted Endorsed