• Welcome to the environment that is Art Education and Expression. I will be your childrens' guide through the wonderful world of creativity here at Tussahaw Elementary School both virtually and in-person. I am glad to be a part of this great community!


     Attention 5th Graders and Tussahaw Family

    Are you talented and wanting to showcase for the entire Tussahaw family to see? Now is our chance! Calling all 5th graders and Tussahaw staff for the TES talent show. Please follow the directions in the document below for submission and be apart of the experiencce!

    Tussahaw Talent Show


     Please join the Google Classroom that has been set up for the specials' department. All assignments for art, music, science lab, gym, and media center have been moved to this location. The code is md7truf. Please keep in mind that the code is case sensative.


    If you are having problems with the classroom code to retrieve assignments, please have no worry. I also have the assignments posted here. 

    Week One

    Choice Board (Choose Two)

    For the Choice Board, please choose two project to complete. Keep in mind the projects have two parts to them. 


    Week Two

    Cultural Art

    Please locate your grade in the document and complete the assignment.


    Week Three

    Origami Box

    Please take your time with this project. It will not be perfect, but I would like to see you try. We have already tried something similar in class.


    Week Four

    Tribal Mask

    I hope that you can get your family involved. 


    If you have any questions, please email me at melvin.willis@henry.k12.ga.us and we can hop on google meets and discuss.