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    Steps for Completing the Dual Enrollment Process:
    1. Choose an institution and complete admission application, send a transcript, proof of Lawful Residence and ACT/SAT scores.
    2. Current juniors are encouraged to register for a national ACT/SAT.
    3. Rising 10th and 11th are encouraged to register for an institutional exam with the college   

     to which they are applying.

    1. Those applying to SCTC should make arrangements with the school to take the  

     ACCUPLACER exam instead of an ACT or SAT.

    1. Once accepted, contact your high school counselor to complete the Participation Agreement and the Course Advisement form for classes.
    2. Complete the online Dual Enrollment Funding application through your GAFutures.org account. This needs to be completed each semester of Dual Enrollment participation.
    3. Students: Be certain to continually and regularly check your college email account for notifications from the college.

    Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

    Dual Enrollment students are required to maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and must successfully complete a minimum of 67% of the cumulative credit hours attempted (cumulative earned hours/cumulative attempted hours). Grades of F, W, WF, W$, U, U%, IP, IP%, I, and NR do not indicate successfully completed courses. Students who are not meeting SAP because of completion ratio and/or cumulative GPA are allowed to receive financial aid for one term with a status of WARNING. Students are notified by email when they are placed in a WARNING status and no appeal is necessary to receive aid for this status. Students must meet the SAP requirements at the end of their next term of enrollment or lose DUAL ENROLLMENT funding eligibility.

    Sample High School Schedule with Dual Enrollment Classes for a first-time participant.

    Language Arts:  English 1101 through college.

    Social Studies: World History/US History/Economics/Government through college. Other Social Studies courses are available, but students must complete the required SS courses for high school graduation.

    Math:  Typically taken at the high school unless the student has completed Advanced Algebra or higher at the high school level.

    Science:  Typically taken at the high school unless the student is driving to the Post-secondary institution's main campus.

    Foreign Language:  Typically taken at the high school.  Main campus college options are available.

    Electives:  Be certain that students are completing the 3 credit requirement for Career Tech/Fine Arts/ or Foreign Language.  These are typically taken at the high school level, but college options do exist.

    Very important:  Never drop a course without speaking with your high school counselor and college contact first!!!!!!