Art Club 2018-19

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      September 11th

      October 16th

      November 27th

      January 8th

      February 5th

      March 12th

      April 16th

      September 25th

      October 23rd

      December 4th

      January 15th

      February 12th

      March 19th

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      May 7th

      Information for Members:

      Behavioral Expectations: Please remind students that on the Art Club form they signed a commitment stating, “I commit to create a respectful, creative and productive club environment.” While I plan to make this a fun experience for everyone, we are not coming together to play. I host the club so that students can have a more advance Visual Art Experience to what is provided during school hours. For this to be successful we must all respect one another, the room, and the materials, and do our part to maintain a safe and clean environment. Everyone is expected to listen and follow direction, and to also help clean up (even when it is not their mess).

      Payments: Thank you to those of you that have already begun sending the requested $10 payment in to me; I do appreciate it. I’m hoping to receive payments asap. The sooner funds are available, the sooner I can order supplies special to our club. I’d like to put a deadline of September 14th, please. I can take cash or check. Checks must have your phone number on the check and made out to Ola Elementary School. Some items I am planning to purchase with the $10 request are: spray paint, canvases, acrylic paint, wood panels, fabric paint, aged wood accelerator, Sculptamold, Mod Podge, bone folders, card stock, hand printed papers, rubber print blocks, carving tools, ink pads, stamps, latex gloves, face masks and others as I continue planning our sessions.

      Pick Up: The students will be ready for pickup at 3:50 pm. The location for pickup will be in the bus lane. This is different than last year. I have made this decision so that we do not have to compete with good news club for the front entrance. They have many more students than us. Our afterschool program cones off the bus loop for the safety of its students as they cut across it to access the playground. You will not be able to drive around this loop but there is enough space for U-Turns prior to the cones. Please stay in your vehicle and move forward as students are loaded in to your vehicles. I would like to ensure the safety of each child, so I will only allow children to load in to cars in my immediate vicinity. As you pull up, we will fill them. I apologize if this causes any inconvenience. Again, your child will be ready for pickup at 3:50; I appreciate your promptness.

      After School: If your child attends our after-school program, please make sure they are aware that them MUST check in to after school before coming to our club meetings. We will drop students off that attend after-school on our way to the bus lane for those that are being picked up.

      Snacks: After school will provide snacks to their students. They may bring them to the Art Room. Any other student is welcome to bring a snack should you provide one. The club itself, will not provide any snacks.

      Should you have questions for me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Nathan Waterhouse
      Art Educator – Ola Elementary



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