• Authentic Learning through STEM Education

    STEM Days - STEM days are bimonthly events here at PGE.  We start the day with a school-wide assembly that focuses on an element of STEM education.  Then our students spend their day engaged in the engineering design process.  This year our 4th and 5th grade students will be engaged in a year long student led capstone project.

    School-Wide Project - Each grade level is working on a year long project that focuses on conservaton and envrironmental engineering.  Evidence of student work can be found in our outdoor lab and on the grade level's school-wide project bulletin board.

    Student Showcase - Teachers are asked to prepare students for two showcases a year.  Our student showcases take place for our parents, business partners, and community members.  During a showcase student work is displayed, students are asked to articulate their learning, and demonstrate their prototypes.