• Literary Team: Drama, Music, Speech, and Writing


    Faculty Advisors  

    drama  Drama: Alissa Zimmett (Alissa.Zimmett@henry.k12.ga.us)Ms. Zimmett  

    music Music: Chris McMichen (Chris.McMichen@henry.k12.ga.us) Mr. McMichen

    writing  Speech/Writing: Denise Wood (Denise.Wood@henry.k12.ga.us)  Mrs. Wood


    Literary Team is a competition sponsored by the Georgia High School Association that focuses on communicative arts and fine arts.  Events include the following:
    • Drama: Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Duo
    • Music (Vocal): Boys Solo, Girls Solo, Girls Trio, Boys Quartet
    • Speaking (Extemporaneous): Domestic, International
    • Writing: Argumentative, Personal, Rhetoric (Literature)

    School winners compete on a regional and, if qualified, state level.

    Click here for the GHSA Literary Team site.



Last Modified on August 8, 2020