• Social Studies

    Corder, Johnny:  U.S. History

    Duncan, Margaret:  Government, Economics, AP Macro

    Fonville, Daketa:  Government, Economics, World History and AP Human Geography

    Griffin, Tia:  Geography, World History, Government and Economics

    James, Sherry:  U.S. Histroy, Ethnic Studies, AP U.S. History

    Jenkins, Joe:  Government and Economics

    Johnson, Alishia:  AP Psychology

    Miolen, Douglas:  Geography

    Moore, Ethan:  U.S. History

    Moore, Shannan:  U.S. History, World History

    Moseley, Donnie:  Government, Economics, and AP U.S. Government

    Perez, Moises:  Geography

    Piseno, Sandra:  U.S. History, AP World History

    Quimby, Ronald:  World History, Psychology and Sociology

    Sanders, Brian:  U.S. History and AP U.S. History

    Thomas, James:  Geography

    Tufts, Leander:  U.S. History and World History