Spanish I Course Syllabus 2019-2020                 




    Millie Davidson



    Course Name:  Spanish I


    Textbook Used:   Realidades I  


    Suggested Materials:

    • 1”- three-ring Binder (1 inch)
    • Notebook Paper
    • Pencil/Pen
    • Highlighter


    Wish List:

    Our class would be very grateful for any donation you can make.            

    • Markers (Expo or regular)
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Clorox/Lysol Wipes
    • Kleenex
    • Paper Towels
    • Index Cards



    Course Description:  

    Spanish I is an introduction to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.  The course strives to help the learner acquire knowledge by integrating the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, with an increased emphasis on ORAL PROFICIENCY; therefore, the use of Spanish in the classroom will be our primary goal.  Since students need as much practice as possible to become fluent, concentration in class and oral participation in SPANISH is absolutely necessary.  An effort to use the language at all times is expected.  By the end of this course, students will have acquired a basic command of the key vocabulary and structures necessary for limited personal communication as well as an appreciation of the breadth and variety of the Spanish-speaking world.

    Course Outline and Content:

    Each unit will teach new vocabulary and grammar concepts that students will practice on a daily basis.  The amount of material covered depends entirely on the students and their ability to comprehend and use the vocabulary accurately.  The harder they work, the more they will learn.

    Henry County Learning Progressions:

    Please refer to the syllabus posted on the teacher’s webpage and in the students’ Google Classroom.










    Classroom Rules and Discipline Procedures:

    • Students are expected to follow established guidelines (County, School and Teacher).
    • DAILY each student must have their materials.
    • Students are expected to speak Spanish at every possible opportunity.
    • Tardiness will not be tolerated! Punctuality is expected.
    • COMPROMISING (CHEATING) on tests, quizzes, exams, classwork or any graded assignment will earn a ZERO; other disciplinary measures as established by school policy will be implemented. As a point of emphasis, copying classwork from another person or allowing another to copy classwork is CHEATING.
    • CLASS DISMISSAL: The bell does not dismiss you; your teacher does! You are to remain seated until the bell rings. You are not to congregate at the door while waiting for the bell to ring.


    Retest Policy:

    To promote an environment of Spanish mastery, students who demonstrate an attitude of dedication, determination and motivation (i.e. focuses in class, works diligently, studies vocabulary on a regular basis at home, etc.) will be given the opportunity to retest a summative assessment (maximum of two per course).  In order to qualify for a retest, students must come in TWICE before or after school for individual or small-group tutoring and show growth between the two sessions.  This retest policy is up to teacher discretion and does not apply to a student who is apathetic in his/her learning.  If the retest grade is higher than the original grade, then the new grade will replace the original grade to demonstrate the student’s growth in mastery.  A retest must be completed within one month of obtaining the initial graded test.


    Make-up Policy: 

    • A student with an EXCUSED absence can make-up work for full credit according to the Henry County student handbook.
    • See the County handbook for the new rules regarding OSS and make-up work.

    Please see the board every Monday to see what days and times the teacher will be available for make-up work and tutoring that week.  The teacher will have several options in the mornings and afternoons. The schedule will change weekly due to obligations (parent conferences, appointments, meetings, etc.) in the teacher’s schedule.  Morning sessions will be from 7:45-8:05 and it is the student’s responsibility to get a pass from the teacher the day before.  Afternoon sessions will be directly after school.  Both morning and afternoon sessions will take place in the teacher’s classroom. Students will be required to sign-in when they attend a session.