My Family
  • Hello Wolverine family! I have been a Speech Language Pathologist in Henry County Schools for 13 years now and have worked with pre-k students all the way through high school. This is my 3rd year in the Union Grove district after following my own children here. My oldest son is at Union Grove High, my daughter is here with me at the middle school, and my youngest son is at East Lake across the street. I am constantly amazed with the support that this community gives to each other and I am proud to be a wolverine!

  • Communication is a building block upon which we construct other life skills. When communication is impaired, there is little chance for success in the classroom, in making and keeping relationships, in literacy or in learning, according to the website of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Children without the ability to communicate have difficulty understanding classroom instructions and cannot participate in class discussions. This leads to failure on assignments and to the perception that others may have that the child is “dumb” and cannot learn.