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Ms. Hardrick

Let's Just Do It!

I'm Ms. Tamea Hardrick, a 6th grade math teacher, shoe collector and US army Veteran. I love sports and played basketball throughtout high school, football with Atlanta Phoenix, and adult Kickball. I'm hard working, organized, dependable and full of laughs. I've been loving life embracing Nike's slogan "Just Do It". With one of my professional dreams being a teacher for middle school students. I'm doing it- I'm passionate in my desire to inspire our students to dream and have fun moving towrads those dreams. One day of focused hard work is one day closer to achieving it. "Everything you need is already inside. Just Do It!" I'm on your team.

Always, committed to excellence, Ms. Hardrick 


Google Classroom Codes:    1st Period 4bqk6yo      2nd Period bwqjbul      3rd Period g573x77     4th Period n2bewwk     5th Period qgti4my

   Parent Communication - Remind Code :@hardrickm

  Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns