Visual Arts at PGE

    Welcome to Dr. Perry’s Awesome Art Corner!

    It is with great pleasure to serve as the Visual Arts Teacher for Pleasant Grove Elementary. I am a native of Philadelphia, PA. My professional experience includes teaching elementary and middle school grades. I taught for the School District of Philadelphia and the DeKalb County School District for the majority of my career. I have a passion for arts in education and how it motivates and enhances student learning. My goal is to provide an engaging learning experience for all students as it relates to the visual arts curriculum and integrating visual arts with core subject matter. It is my belief that all students have an artistic gift and/or talents. During the school year students will learn about the historical figures in art, art history, the elements of art, and the principles of art design. This information will provide the background knowledge necessary for students to be successful in mastering skills in art. Students will also be able to make connections with real world phenomenon and how art has evolved over the years. I look forward to collaborating with teachers to implement the ART component for the STEM/STEAM school-wide initiative. Please feel free to contact me at wendy.perry@henry.k12.ga.us for any questions.

    Wendy Perry, EdD

    Visual Arts Teacher k-12

    District Fine Arts Lead Team

    PGE Dance Team Club Sponsor