• WENDY JACKSON - Attendance Secretary


    770-474-8747 ext 104

    Fax: 770-474-4727

    SHS Hours   8:15 AM - 3:15 PM

    Half Day Count 12:15 PM

    Check Out Cut Off  2:45 PM

    The Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law states: "It is the duty of every parent, guardian, or other person having control of any child between the child's 7th and 16th birthdays to assure that the child attends a public school, private school or home study program. Failure to comply constitutes a misdemeanor punishable by up to $100 fine, 30 days imprisonment, or both. Each day's absence constitutes a seperate offence.  Ga. Code 20-2-690.1"

    **NO CHECKOUTS AFTER 2:45.  Students are not allowed to check out during exam days before the exam release time.

    Only those listed on the census form (sent home at beginning of school) will be able to check out students. 

    *Students are Not allowed to check themselves out even if they are 18 years old unless they are emancipated through the court system and we have a copy of paperwork in the counseling office or they are "self-enrolled".


    Attendance Procedures:

    Students who are absent from school must bring a note from parent, legal guardian or doctor on the FIRST DAY back to school and be turned in to the attendance office. Excuses will NOT be accepted after days. Those absences will be considered UNEXCUSED. Students are allowed (3) parent "handwritten" absentee notes per semester. All notes received after the (3) will be UNEXCUSED. Doctor notes are always accepted. All notes should include the following: Students first and last name (no nicknames), student ID number, date(s) of absence, reason for absence, parent signature and phone number. All excused absences must fall under the Henry County BOE guidelines as stated in the Student Handbook. Please refer to pages 7-9 for all attendance guidelines.  Chronic absenteeism affects a student's ability to learn and succeed in school. Excessive absences will be addressed according to the Henry County Absentee policy.

    Students arriving late must check in at the attendance office and receive a pass to class. Student will be marked TARDY Unexcused. Please keep in mind that tardy notes that vaguely reference a family emergency will NOT be excused. Oversleeping, flat tire or car trouble ( bus transportation is provided), baby sitting siblings, taking pet to vet, drivers permit/license, running errands, visiting family are NOT excused absence or tardy. Students needing to leave campus during the day for any reason must check out through the attendance office. We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping the school informed of any changes in phone numbers, address or contact persons. This information is what is used when a student's parent/guardian needs to be contacted for illness, emergencies, check out verification and other contact needing to be made by the school personnal.

    The attendance office will NOT take phone calls for check outs. Written permission in the form of a FAX or EMAIL stating student is allowed to check out, or have a person not on check out list check student out With a picture ID of parent attached. Fax or Email must include students name, parents name and phone number, date of check out , and time of check out.

    Due to overcrowding on school buses , transportation changes will be for emergencies ONLY. If a student needs to ride another bus they must bring a note from the parent, guardian, or custodian with the following information: Students name, name and address of student they are riding home with, reason for request, parents first and last name making the reques and phone number. Students are required to turn the note in to the attendance office BEFORE 8:15 am. The note will be verified and request made to transportation for approval or denial. Students must check back at the attendance office for approval and copy will be given for the bus driver. If denied the parent will be notified. For safety reasons we cannot change a student from a bus rider to a car unless a parent comes into the front office with ID to make request. We will not accept phone calls for these requests.

    Please note that once students arrive at school they are NOT permitted to leave the campus without authorization form the attendance office.

    As a notification to parents/guardians , students will NOT be called out of class for forgotten items. They can however be called in between classs to the front office. Parents/guardians wishing to see a student during instructional class time will have to see a school administrator.


    Infinite Campus

    Student attendance may be viewed through Infinite Campus. If you had an Infinite Campus account previously you will be able to use the same user name & password. You can obtain your activation code through the counseling office.

    Please be aware that attendance letters are mailed 3 (Letter#1), 5 (Letter#2), and 8 (Letter #3) unexcused absences. The School Social Worker is notified at the distribution of Letter #3.


    College Visits

    In order to aviod missing school it is best for students to visit colleges and Universities during the weekends, spring breaks or during the summer. If a junior or senior must do a college visit during the school day, then it is the responsibility of the student to secure a college visit form from the college. Excused college visits are limited to 2 per school year.