Union Grove High School                                                                       Year: 2017-2018

    Beliefs and Mission


    Being an exemplary school, Union Grove High School believes

    ·         student learning is the primary focus of school.

    ·         in the four R's - Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, Results

    ·         a safe, clean, and attractive environment promotes student learning.

    ·         high expectations are the foundation for success.

    ·         students, parents, staff, and community share responsibility for the students'                                                        academic, social, physical and character development.

    ·         students learn in different ways and will be provided a variety of instructional approaches and                         appropriate assessments to support their learning.

    ·         students are accountable for daily attendance, appropriate behavior, and academic progress.

    ·         learning is enhanced through mutual respect among students, parents, staff, and community.

    ·         using a variety of technology prepares students for success.

    ·         in becoming a culturally proficient school

    ·         staff dedicates itself to continued professional growth and development


    The mission of Union Grove High School is to ensure success for each student as measured by individual progress and by local, state, and national standards. We commit to a structured system of support to empower students with 21st Century skills to promote College and Career Readiness.



    UGHS will be among the top 5% of Georgia high schools in academic achievement.



    Goal # 1: The faculty and staff of Union Grove High School will increase academic rigor by pervasively using high-level depth of knowledge strategies and consistently utilizing progress monitoring as measured four times per year to improve student achievement as measured by a two percent increase in Distinguished Learners on the GA Milestone Assessment.


    Goal # 2: Union Grove High School will improve student engagement and performance by making learning more relevant through the increased use of technology in the classroom, project-based learning, and strengthened personalized learning strategies as measured by an increase in content pass rate of two percent.


    Goal # 3: In order to sustain a rigorous and relevant school-wide curriculum, UGHS faculty and staff will strive to build meaningful student relationships and recognize student diversity with the goals of promoting student unity, increasing student attendance rate by one percent and graduation rate by one percent, encourage extracurricular participation, and maintaining a safe and orderly school climate as measure by the school climate score.


Last Modified on September 25, 2017