• Teacher Name: Mrs. E. McCrea

    School Email Address: erin.mccrea@henry.k12.ga.us

    Team 801 Math Teacher


    Our IMPORTANT class information:

    Students should be working on their pathways daily. They have the opportunity to work on this in class. Students are taught in small groups or in a large group setting. The small groups vary depending on the student's needs.

    Our students are not assigned homework daily however, the following items are to be worked on daily/weekly: 1-Unit pathway (Unit 1 is Teal in color) 2-ST Math  (computer) 3-Odysseyware personalized lesson (computer)

    Parents may review their child's Pathway and see what is checked/initialed to show what they are currently working on.

    All of our students have an Odysseyware pathway created specifically for them to work on a math area.

    Our students also have ST Math to support them and they have a folder in which they log ST Math information. This information tells you how often your child should work in ST Math (on the top) as well as a log that they complete everytime that they work in ST Math. They should work on their personal pathway in ST Math and when that is complete, they will focus on the class pathway.

    Tutoring times:

    Mornings by request in room 814 with Mrs. McCrea

    Afternoons by request in room 814 or 811 with Ms. Zabala

    Please do not hesitate in contacting myself or Ms. Zabala with any questions.

    Thank you!