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We are excited about our digital learning opportunities....even in ART !

WEEK #1 --- These art challenges are separated by grades, but you can choose any challenge from any grade level. Complete one art challenge per week (at least). You can aslo find examples of some of those art activities under each grade on my webpage. Use any art supplies you have at home. Bring your art on the first day back to school to your art teacher. (Please - DO NOT FORGET to sign it: your full name, grade, classroom teacher, date)

GET CREATIVE and add your own ideas! IT'S YOUR ART, have fun with it!

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW  to explore fabulous art activities to complete during the digital learning days! 

Never Stop Learning ART challenges


Here you can find more fun ideas for art activities. You can choose any art challenge you like to try out (or you may have time to do all of these):

1) Here is a video I have created for you with a fun art project you can do at home using scrap paper ---  Matreshka-scrap paper art

And of course you can make your own scrap paper art.

2) Create a color wheel on your floor using items you have at home, look at this fun examples. COLOR WHEEL challenge

Do not forget to take a photo of your creation!


 WEEK #2 --- updated March 22 ---

1) Do you want to learn how to make HOMEMADE watercolors? Watch this video I have made for you -  HOMEMADE watercolors

(for any grade) 

2) Here is a wonderful inspiration for your art project. Listen to this beautiful song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong and let's get inspired to paint what comes to yor mind after listening to it! What a Wonderful World! (part 1)

(for any grade)

3) Do you have some carboard boxes laying around? Here is a fun art project for you. Elephant out of cardboard ;-)

(for older grades, needs help of an adult)


WEEK #3 --- updated March, 29

1) Have you ever made sculptures before? What about making one out of FOIL? watch this video ---  FoilSculptures , inspired from the famous Sweden sculptor Alberto Giacometti,

(for any age), materials : foil, scissors

2) Find some fruits and lets draw them, watch this video for some ideas ---  FRUITS   , inspired by the famous Still Life painters: Paul Cezanne, Lily Spencer, William Johnson,

(for any age), materials : oil pastels OR crayons OR paint...

3) Listen to the beautiful song "What a wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, maybe you will get inspired to draw something too, watch what I painted -- What a Wonderful World (part 2))

(for any age), any art supplies.



I wanted to tell you about this fun Art Challenge "The Art of Hope". You may start coming up with ideas and plans during your spring break. Check out this flyer for more info "The Art of Hope" flyer   Submission details may be found in this attached flyer

Expression of HOPE through The Arts are a great way to allow you to process your fellings and emotions about our current state of event and positively reframe felling of HOPE. Henry County Schools along with the Fine Arts department will be sponsoring "The Art of Hope" challenge to ALL students of HCS.

Remember,  this particular challenge you have to submit here , you may need help from your parents to submit. 




REMEMBER, do not forget to sign your art on the back (your full name, classroom teacher, grade, date)

If you can create more than one piece of art per week I will be even more happier!

I would love to see you art creations,  you can email it to me at -