• Welcome to Oakland Physical Education Department!!!

    Physical Education- the only subject that gets your HEART racing!!!


    Thank you for your patience and flexiblity as we embark on our remote learning plan.  Please email at amanda.arena@henry.k12.ga.us regarding any physical activities provided. Please check my webpage for updates, physical activities and healthy eating tips.  Please participate in physical activities and brain breaks during your remote learning days.  I will miss you and can't wait to see soon. 

     PLEASE CLICK ON LINK IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Page/130027

    Physical Education hours are 9-3

    My office hours are 1-3 please contact me through email.

    Coach Arena's personal training hours are 11am-1pm daily!!!!


    Please use the following code: fx4svax

    God bless,

    Coach Arena