• Mrs. Jeanette Rush




    Mi familia!


    Hello and Welcome to ESOL at Dutchtown.

    I am Mrs. Rush and I have been teaching since 2001.  I studied Spanish at the Alameda Spanish Academy in Antigua, Guatemala.  I have a Bachlor's Degree in History from Clayton State College ad a Master's Degree in Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students from Georgia Southern College. (GO EAGLES!)   I have spent time in Nicarauga and El Salvador and lived in Guatemala for 14 months.  

    When I lived in Guatemala, I learned what it is like to be new to a country, a language and a culture.  It can be very difficult to adjust to a new life and my goal is to help your student adjust as smoothly as possible.


    I am looking forward to getting to know your student as they begin the process of learning a new language!