• Mrs. Jeanette Rush




    Mi familia!


    Bienvenidos a Clase de Español Uno!  I am Señora Rush and I am so happy to be your student's Spanish teacher.

    I have been teaching for 18 years and have taught Spanish to every grade level from k-4 through 12th grade.  I studied Spanish at the Alameda Spanish Academy in Antigua, Guatemala, Clayton State College and am currently finishing a Master's Degree in Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students at Georgia Southern College. I have spent time in Nicarauga and El Salvador and lived in Guatemala for 14 months.  I love the Spanish language and teaching Spanish.  It is my hope that your student will leave my class with a desire to learn more about Spanish and the confidence to continue!

    Spanish 1 is designed to introduce your student to Spanish language and culture at a novice level.  Your student will learn the basics in the my class.  We will learn how to introduce ourselves, how to count in Spanish, colors, family vocabulary, food, weather, grammar and much more.  

    We use two digital platforms in Spanish 1.  We use Google classroom and www.vocesdigital.com.   Thare are four units of study which include: basic greetings and simple phrases, grammar, weather and classroom items, the family and food.  

    I am looking forward to getting to know your student as they begin the process of learning a new language!