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    Hello Dolphin Nation Family! 


    The Parent Resource Center is located immedialty off the front office.  The Parent Resource Center is open daily during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In your PRC, you will find helpful academic resources to assist your child at home. There are resources for all content areas (Reading, Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies). These resources can be checked out at any time during the PRC hours.


    However, if you need anything from the center and are unable to come during these hours please feel free to call me at 770 914-1889 or email our Counselor michella.fann@henry.k12.ga.us and we will assist you with any resources that you may need.


    Along with the resources in your PRC, we will also have parent workshops throughout the school year. These workshops will provide pertinent information on all content areas including technology, state testing, test scores, and any subject matter at the parent’s request from our Title 1 input meeting and surveys.


    Please be sure to take advantage of these opportunities by attending workshops and checking out any resources that are available for you and your families. We look forward to meeting all of you and working with you throughout this school year and remember we are here for YOU!



    Thank you,



    Wesley Lakes Elementary Staff