2021 Summer School Registration is Closed

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    This page contains resources and information for you and your family about how summer school works.  This site is dedicated to information regarding full-credit courses for summer.  

    Please look at the information to the left to learn more about IA Summer School 2020.

     2021 Summer School Registration 

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    • Registration Window- May 31st  through  June 4th . REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED

    • The last day to register and pay is June 4

    • First Day of class is June 7

    • Orientations (choose one): June 3, and June 7

                 Orientations are online on the above days. Link to Orientation Presentation

    • Drop Course Deadline: June 21- A dropped class can be requested by emailing: Belinda.Bailey@henry.k12.ga.us .  Include your full name, Student ID Number and the course name

                 A course can be dropped on or before June 21 without a failing grade on a transcript but without a refund.

    • Tuition:  $130 per .5 credit       $260 per 1.0 full credit  (Tuition for students enrolled in a Henry County School)

                           $210 per .5 credit       $420 per 1.0 full credit  (Tuition for students from private or other county schools)

    • Last Day of Summer School July 13 12:00PM