Welcome To Ms.Allen web for online learning info!


    Currently my page is set up in order to help assist in the digital platform with information to help guide and assist you and your learner in online lessons and work for working at home.


    I currently teach reading, social studies (R.Coleman), and science (K.Ellison).  During these weeks online learning below is some essential information and links that will assist you. 


    1. Hours for contact include Monday through Friday (10 am-12 pm) (1 pm-3 pm) email: To respond to emails, communicate with students and to be virtual completely
      Allen Email: briana.allen@henry.k12.ga.us
    2. Computer Access help link (Never Stop Learning: Help in Launch pad, email, google classroom and online textbook) link: online help resources
    3. We will utilize google meet to contact and chat with students as well virtually during business hours.Teachers will send the URL to students via email, Schoolwires, or Google Classroom.
      Students will not be able to use the PIN to join the Meet it is by invite only this will be during class time posted via googleclassroom.
    4. In order to ensure help and supplental support learners/parents do the following:

    +Utilize Read and Write on Chrome Book

    +Read material as many times as needed for understanding

    +Write notes on separate sheet- for review

    +Review vocabulary

    +Complete  20-40 minutes of work on each subject daily