• 2019-2020 WOLFPACK VOLLEYBALLvolleyball

      Coach: Lisa Middleton
      Coach: Jhasiim Wiltshire     
    Remind101: Text @k4debh to 81010
    FYI: Next thursday we have 2 games as well as 8th grade orientation. This Friday 8th grade is going to the high school and they are offering to get with the girls and walk them to the Honors and AP classes to meet the teachers and get what they need. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.  
    Fees:$100(plus $40 partipation fee if you have not played a sport and paid the fee) NO CHECKS. CASH AND MONEY ORDERS ONLY. (Due NLT 3/2/20)
    Practice Days:Monday -Friday(8th Grade)
                        Monday-Thursday(7th Grade)
    Practice Time:4:30-6:00pm
    Game Days: Tuesday and Thursday @ 6pm (7th grade plays 1st and 8th grade will follow)
    First game will be on 3/3/20 @ home
    ***Water Donations are appreciated**
Last Modified on February 25, 2020