Welcome to 3rd Grade!


    I am so excited to spend this amazing year with your student.  Third grade is a big year; students will build on the foundational skills they developed in the front hall, work to expand their student agency, and practice responsibility as they mature.  I am thrilled to guide them during this time of growth, development, and learning.

    I look forward to working with each family group to develop a strong relationship built on the foundation that we all want to see your student experience success and learning this year.  I strongly believe that open communication about  expectations and honest feedback between us will build that foundation on our common goal.

    My goal for each student is that they will build on their curiosity while learning in our classroom and develop a love for learning that will stick with them throughout their lives.  I am currently earning my Master’s Degree and hope to be an example of a lifetime learner for my students.

    Please know that when your student enters their classroom they will be learning in a loving and nurturing environment where each person is challenged to support their fellow classmates, cheer successes, and learn from their mistakes.