State policy defines the school year as 180 attendance days. Attending school regularly is very important if students want to succeed in school. Great attendance means being present at school each day and in class each period. Additionally, it means being on time to school and to all classes. Success in school and ultimately in life begins with great attendance

    School start time is 8:15 am and end time is 3:15 pm.

    Attendance Procedures:

    Students who are absent from school must bring a note from their parent, legal guardian or doctor on the first day back to school and present it to the attendance office. Absences that fall in compliance with the Board of Education's policies will be excused. Excuses will NOT be accepted after 3 days, those absences will be considered UNEXCUSED. Students are allowed (5) parent “handwritten" absentee notes per semester. All subsequent absences will be unexcused (unless it is a doctor’s note or some other type of lawful reason). Students first and last name, date(s) of absence, reason for absence, parent signature and phone number should be on the written note. If a student is absent 3 consecutive days, then a doctor’s note must be provided to excuse the absence. Students who violate the school attendance policy may be referred to the school social worker, and/or placed on an attendance contract, and/or have their parking pass pulled.


    Students who arrive to school after 8:15 am must report to the attendance office to sign in and receive an admit slip. If the student’s tardy is not excused, they will need to get a tardy slip from the tardy station in the front office. If the student has an ELHS parking permit, the permit will be revoked for a week after five (5) unexcused tardies or three (3) unexcused absences per semester. Students that accumulate six (6) or more tardies or four (4) unexcused absences will have their parking permit revoked for the remainder of that semester. Students should arrive at school on time and should remain at school for the complete school day. Students who leave campus without checking out or who are absent from school without parent permission will be considered truant. Students who skip a portion of class, a full class or several classes are considered truant and will receive a disciplinary referral. *Acceptable excuses for tardies to school or early checkouts are the same as excused reasons for full-day absences. For example, car trouble is NOT excusable since HCBOE provides transportation to school, missing the bus, waking up late, oversleeping, vacations, babysitting siblings, taking your pet to the vet, flat tire, running errands are all UNEXCUSED.

    • Students are NOT allowed to check themselves out even if they are 18 years old UNLESS they are emancipated through the court system and we have a copy of paperwork in the counseling office or they are "self-enrolled."
    • The attendance office cannot accept phone calls for checkouts. Students must bring a note from their parent to the attendance office first thing in the morning they are to check out, with their name, time to check out, reason for check out, parents name and phone number, or a faxed note with a copy of the parents driver’s license, or legal guardian must come in to the attendance office with their ID to check the student out.
    • Identification is required and verified before a student is called to the office. ONLY persons listed on the emergency card will be able to checkout students. Please make sure that all contact names are listed on the card and the information is updated as needed
    • If a student checks out, and returns to school from checking out, the student must provide documentation for the checkout to be changed to excused (example: Doctor/Dental note, court or probation)
    • Students are required to come to the attendance office for any calls regarding check outs (cellphone use during class is prohibited!) Students who choose to use cellphones to call parents will be subject to disciplinary action.
    • "NO CHECKOUTS AFTER 2:50 p.m."

    Tardy Kiosks (stations)

    Students have five minutes between classes to transition from one class to another. If students are late they must report to a tardy station to print out a tardy slip (late pass). Students will not be allowed in class without getting a tardy slip. Listed below is ELHS tardy disciplinary policy.

    Tardy 1 & 2: Written Warning

    Tardy 3: Immediate Detention – Students will report directly to the In-School Suspension (ISS) room to complete a detention assignment. Upon completion of the assignment, the students will receive a pass back to class.

    Tardy 4: In-School Suspension – Students will report to their administrator and be assigned ISS.

    *Beyond tardy 4 will result in further progressive disciplinary actions taken.