• “If you want people to think, give them intent and not instruction” -David Marquet

    “Instruction is important but inspiration kindles the candle for a life time” -Debasish Mridha

    With 30 -35 students in each of our classrooms, we find our students come with different strengths, interests and experiences. Some are good with one content area and may weak at others. With little choice to teach to everyone we tend to preach to the mass. To attend to everyone’s needs, one may use need-based instruction including high impact learning strategies to move each student from one level to the other, and to move the students from their struggles to a better understanding of the concept. Some high yielding practices are:

    • Students own their learning (student agency)
    • Students use real life connections using 4C’ s(Critical thinking,  collaboration, creativity and communication)
    • Students analyze and monitor their own learning (Data Analysis)
    • Teachers at DMS strive to cultivate these qualities in a DMS graduate