• Important things to do right away: Remind.com and Google Classroom

    1. Using your correct first and last names parents and students please sign up for remind.com with: 
    • Biology: remind.com/join/drpand or texting message 81010 and in the text box put in: @drpand
    • AP Biology: remind.com/join/drpandya or texting message 81010 and in the text box put in: @drpandya
    • Anatomy and Physiology: remind.com/join/drpandy or texting message 81010 and in the text box put in: @drpandy


    • It is important that you use your real first and last name when signing up for my Remind! account so that I know who you are. We will use Remind! messages as one of the main sources of communication. You will have the ability to message me directly through Remind!. 
    • I will send reminders and messages that are important for you to receive and can affect your Biology grade. 
    1. Using your school account, go to Google Classroom
    • Google Classroom is our hub where you will go each day to see what we are doing, to turn in all your assignments, and to gain access to notes and activities. 
    • Google Calendar is the calendar for all of your classes and activities.  Please check it daily and feel free to add your own details (tasks, chores, work schedule, study schedule, birthdays- whatever you would find useful!). 

    How to contact Dr. Pandya

    Best: Send a message using Remind!

    Better: Send an email at kpandya@henry.k12.ga.us

    Good: Send message through GoGuardian if it is during my office hours or school day

    When and how to submit assignments

    • All assignments will be turned in on Google Classroom by midnight (12:00am) on the day they are due. 
    • You will need one of the following in the scan of the document you are submitting: old or new school ID, any other ID you happen to have a small recent school picture, or the address off a piece of mail that was sent to you. 
        • No credit will be given without ID in the scan. Unfortunately, I cannot upload an example to this page. However, I will create a topic in Google Classroom with an example. 
      • How to use your phone to scan your paper and turn in:



    ....Android Phone


    ....Google Drive



    •  It is important that you turn in an image of your paper as described above so that it can be graded as a .pdf file otherwise I cannot grade it. When you submit an image as a .jpg or .jpeg file by just taking picture of it, when I zoom in I can't see most of your paper and so I can't grade the paper.

     Live Instruction/Discussion

    1. We will use Google Meets for live discussion/lessons. Each class will be 90 minutes long with approximately 30 minutes of active teacher instruction, 30 minutes of group participation, and 30 minutes of individual work. 
    2. I will post a weekly calendar on Google Classroom.  A recording of each day's lesson will be available in Google classroom for review.
    3. Tips for success: Every day: 
      1. Camera’s on, microphone off (unless called upon).
      2. Have the chat column on the right side of your screen running. 
      3. Wear appropriate attire and pants.   

    Extraneous Information

    How to annotate a PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HgI_rKNfn0lcUwJX_DvH446DqH-CuNcc/view


    1. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the class period. You are expected to be an active participant for the duration of the class.  All other media should be turned off.  Find a space that is yours to work and study in, but is separate from where you spend your free time.  This will help you create a more effective work environment.
      • Tips on creating a dedicated work environment and its benefits *: 
        • Benefits: 
        • A dedicated work space separates work from play.
        • Increase in productivity: It triggers a connection in your brain to work.
        • You distance yourself from temptations: tv, cell phone, siblings,etc.
        • Leave your work behind when the “job” is done.
        • Reduces multitasking. Multitasking is scientifically proven not to work and to create lower quality work that takes longer to produce.
        • It will help keep you organized. Your stuff is in one place, not spread out around the house.


      • Create a workspace by a window. This has been shown to recharge your creativity. 
      • Create a workspace out of high traffic areas.  This limits interruptions. 
      • Set up your workspace so that everything you need for school is within reach. (Think school supplies: Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Sticky notes.) This will increase productivity and limit self-interruption.
      • Create a desk.  This signals to you and those around you that your are at work when you are at your station, helping you to work interruption free. 
      • Establish work hours. This will increase your focus and productivity while helping you relax when your work hours are over.

    Grade Categories and Weights

    Daily Assignments....40%


    Final Exam....20%


    Honors Biology: End of Course Grade Distribution Spring 2020

    *Historically, students who do well are those that complete all of their work, study for tests, and are motivated to do well. 

    A  12.2%

    B  48.6%

    C  14.8%

    D  18.9%

    F   5.4%



    1. Tests will be composed of multiple choice, short answer, and essay type questions.
    2. There will be a time limit on the testing window within Illuminate based on 45 second per multiple choice, 60 seconds per short answer, and 5-10 minutes per essay question. 
    3. You will complete the test on the Illuminate platform on the locked browser.
    4. I will send a Remind! message with the day of the test, the time it will become active, and the time it will close on Illuminate. 
    5. Reassessment opportunities will be available. Reassessments will be essay/short answer in format and will require the successful completion of remediation work.



    1. I got a zero or failing grade, can I correct and resubmit the assignment? A: Yes
    2. I did not do very well on the test. Can I reassess? A: Yes, if you complete the remediation work.
    3. If I reassess and get an even lower grade, which grade goes in IC? A: The higher of the two grades.
    4. What will the reassessment tests be like?  A: Short answer and Essay format.
    5. Do you take off points for late assignments? A: No. but all assignments must be turned in five days before grade positing occurs or the assignment is a permanent missing. 
    6. Can I type my assignments to submit them? A: No, all assignments must be hand-written.
    7. Where do I submit assignments? A: They will be assigned and submitted through Google Classroom.
    8. What is the quickest way to contact you? A: Send me a message through Remind!
    9. Do I have to sign up for your Remind!?  A: Yes, it is the way I communicate with you most often.
    10. Will you buy me a pony? A: No, I will not buy you a pony.


    Final Thoughts

    Students who take an active role in their classes are more successful.

    Students who get into a daily routine of sleep, wake, school, free time are more successful

    Students who are able to have a dedicated space for learning with all their materials available tend to be much more successful.

    Students who have a calendar with assignments and due dates filled in are more successful.

    Students who communicate any issues or problems with their teachers as soon as they arise are more successful.

    Students who are kind, pollite, and cooperative tend to be more successful.


    * Information about a dedicated work environment from the following sites: https://www.way2goodlife.com/10-reasons-why-you-need-a-dedicated-workspace/ and https://www.the1thing.com/blog/the-one-thing/setting-up-a-space-where-you-can-work-from-home/