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    Teacher Name:Mrs. Piseno
    School Email Address:sandra.piseno@henry.k12.ga.us
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    My name is Mrs. Piseno and welcome to history!
    Courses I teach are: AP and Honors World History, World History, and US History.
    My educational baackground: 
    AAS Marketing and Management
    Bachelor of Arts History and Literary Studies                                                                 
    Master of Arts in History 
    Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary History and Literature
    I am a veteran of the US Army, satellite and network communications.
    I have a background in global network communications, medical laboratory assisting, and education.
    I have been teaching 2005-present.
    To be successful in my class you need:
    -Desire to learn
    -An open mind
    -Work ethic
    -Good behavior
    -Postive atitiude
    -To be prepared-pends, paper, materials.
    Please see below-
    Please visit the Academy web page for summer assignments, Honors and AP World History 2019-2020.
    Assignments are due the first week of school for 1st semester students and the first week of second semester for 2nd semster AP World History and Honors students.
    Course information and assignments are posted in Google Classroom. Please log into your respective class.
    1st semester AP World History class code: efsng7x
    2nd semester AP World History class code: ukablx
    1st semester 2nd period World History class code: w5fchiz
    1st semester 3rd period World History class code: oabbo6b
    2nd semester 1st Period US History class code: zqh0beg
    2nd semester 2nd Period US Hsitory class code: pe1lfuc
    Please see the Cellphone Policy
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