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    Teacher Name:  Christina Phillips
    Subjects I Teach: 
    6/7A Advance Mathematics
    6th Earth Science
    7B/8 Advance Mathematics
    7th Life Science
    Welcome Message
    I am very excited about this upcoming year with the 6/7M Team!  Our team of teachers are planning many projects and interdisciplinary assignments for our advance and accelerated learners!
    I have been teaching at Henry County Middle School since 2014.  I have taught 6, 7, and 8 grade level mathematics, 6th grade Earth Science, and 7th Grade Life Science.  I am the Gifted Coordinator for Henry County Middle School and want to ensure all levels of learners are provided rigorous and challenging learning environments.  My purpose is to inspire and to challenge individuals to seek and achieve their greatest potential!  Our 6/7M Team of teachers are committed to providing the best for each learner.
    MATHEMATICS - 6/7A and 7B/8 Advance Mathematics
    As our new 6th graders adjust to the middle school environment, I look forward to facilitating their learning in mathematics and to the relevance and importance of mathematics for their futures in their college and/or future careers.  Mathematics is a content that builds upon the foundational understandings and knowledge of number sense.  As students review and become fluent with their mathematical facts (times tables), we are then able to make connections to algebra, proportional reasoning, geometry, and data analysis.  I am extremely honored to teach my previous students as 7th graders this year!  We will continue to complete the 7th grade GSE Math Standards and complete 8th grade GSE Math Standards this year.  Middle school math is very important for students as it prepares them for high school courses of Coordinate Algebra, Analytical Geometry, and other Applied Mathematic courses.  I look forward to providing and facilitating a safe, rigorous, and challenging personalized learning environment for your students.  They will experience activities and projects using their problem solving, critical thinking, and analysis skills. 
    6th Grade Earth Science

    I love Earth Science as it studies the Earth and the shaping of our planet and living environment.  We will learn about the universe, planets, the Solar System, the Earth's history, water processes, weather, weathering and erosion, rocks and minerals, and our changing environment.  We are planning many hands-on activities and field trips to discover more about our planet, Earth.


    7th Grade Life Science

    Life Science continues the study of our world and the living things within it.  We will study classification systems, cells and cell structures, genetics and DNA, body systems, biomes, and our changing environment.  We will have labs and hands-on activities for students to actively engage in learning about life science.



    School Vision Statement

    Henry County Middle School will provide a premier Personalized Learning experience
    that promotes Powerful Learning for Purposeful Living.
    Teacher Biography
    I am married and have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren.  I have 3 dogs and 2 cats presently.  I was born and raised on a small farm in northeast Georgia.  I married my childhood sweetheart who joined the US Navy.  We travelled around the United States for 27 years.  Our last duty station was Hawaii where we had a great time.  My favorite things to do are to read, to knit, to crochet, to quilt, and to travel.  My most favorite activity is anything to do with my grandchildren!

    Teaching Credentials

    I received my Bachelor's Degree in Middle Level Education from Clayton State University.  I completed my Master's Degree from the University of Georgia in K-8 Mathematics Education.  Math and science are my favorite subjects I am certified to teach, but I am also certified to teach English/Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies.  I received a Coaching Endorsement and am certified as a teacher of Gifted Students.
    Educational Philosophy
    My educational philosophy begins with the belief that we are all lifelong learners.  We all have the ability to be curious, to question, to investigate, to think critically, and to problem solve in our own unique ways.  
    My Purpose
    My purpose is to challenge and inspire individuals to seek and to achieve their greatest potential!