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    Teacher Name:  Lieutenant Commander Kim C. Woods
    School Email Address:  kim.woods@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach:  Naval Science III and IV
    Teams I coach:  Academics (Mon/Wed/Fri mornings 7:15- 8am, Monday afternoons 3:30- 5pm)
                            Orienteering (Wednesdat afternoons 3:30- 6pm)
    Welcome Message
    Welcome to Luella High School's Navy JROTC Unit. I look forward to another year of Distinguished performance with Academic honors for LHS' Lion's Den!  My expectations are as follows:
                                                  **100% participation from every cadet.
                                                  **Pride in wearing the NJROTC uniform every Wednesday, at every event,
                                                      and any and all times in uniform.
                                                  **Come to class prepared to learn, give to class discussion, and conduct
                                                      yourself in an exemplary manner.
                                                  **Be motivated to drill (on Wednesdays) and for PT (physical training)
                                                      (on Thursday or Friday)
                                                  **Dress appropriately. Wear uniform for entire day (Wednesdays) and wear
                                                      PT gear (Thursday or Friday, depending on even/odd schedule)
                                                  **100% adherence to the Cadet Oath, both at school, as well as out in the