Welcome to Luella High School's Criminal Justice & Public Safety Pathway

    Mr. Brandon Lentz
    Subjects Taught: Introduction to Law and Justice
                              Criminal Justice Essentials 

     The law and justice pathways are designed to explore many areas of the criminal justice and public safety profession. The pathway consists of three different courses which are divided up over three years. The first year is called Introduction to law and justice; in this class, students will be taught all aspects of Georgia law as it pertains to the criminal justice process. Students in this class will also engage in several hands on skills labs which include, handcuffing, defensive tactics, report writing, vehicle pullovers and much more. The second-year class of the pathway is called the law, community response, and policing. This class explores the history, current state, and purpose of the American court system. The students will also be taught extensive knowledge on each branch of the court system and the court officers who serve it. While this class does not have as many hands-on labs as the first year, the student will engage in several mock trials throughout the year. The third-year to the pathway is termed Forensics. In this class, students will be exposed to several concepts which cover criminal forensics. Examples of hands-on labs of this class include fingerprinting, casing, evidence collection, fluid analysis, and much more.

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    Brandon Lentz


    Luella High School/ Room 410

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