• 2022 Spring Testing Calendar

    Date Admin Time Test
    Tuesday, April 12 EOPA 11:00 AM Food Science
    Friday, April 15 EOPA 8:15 AM Early Childhood
    Monday, April 18 EOPA 8:15 AM Audio/Video Broadcasting
      EOPA 12:30 PM Agriculture
    Tuesday, April 19 EOPA 8:15 AM Public Safety
      EOPA 12:30 PM Healthcare
    Wednesday, April 20 EOPA 8:15 AM Engineering
      EOPA 12:30 PM Programming
    Thursday, April 21 EOPA 8:15 AM EOPA Make ups
    Monday, May 2 EOC 8:15 AM Am Lit pt. 1
      AP  8 AM US Government and Politics
      AP  Noon Chemistry
    Tuesday, May 3 EOC 8:15 AM Am Lit pt 2
      AP  8 AM Environmental Science
      AP  Noon Psychology
    Wednesday, May 4 EOC 8:15 AM EOC Make-up Day
      AP  8 AM English Literature and Composition
    Thursday, May 5 EOC 8:15 AM Algebra I
      AP 8 AM Human Geography
      AP 8 AM Macroeconomics
      AP Noon Statistics
    Friday, May 6 EOC 8:15 AM US History
      AP 8 AM European History
      AP 8 AM US History
    Monday, May 9 EOC 8:15 AM Biology
      AP 8 AM Calculus AB and BC
      AP Noon Computer Science Principles
    Tuesday, May 10 EOC 8:15 AM EOC Make-up Day
      AP 8 AM English Language and Composition
      AP Noon Physics C: Mechanics
      AP 2:00 PM Phyiscs C: Electiricty and Magnetism
      Senior Exams   6th and 7th Period
    Wednesday, May 11 AP 8 AM Spanish Language and Cuilture
      AP Noon Biology
      Senior Exams   4th and 5th Period
    Thursday, May 12 AP 8 AM World History
      AP Noon Physics 1: Algebra-Based
      Senior Exams   1st, 2nd, and 3rd Period
    Friday, May 13 AP 8 AM Music Theory
      AP Noon Physics 2: Algebra-Based
    Monday, May 23 OHS Underclass Exams   7th Period
    Tuesday, May 24th OHS Underclass Exams   2nd and 6th Period
    Wednesday, May 25th OHS Underclass Exams   1st and 5th Period
    Thursday, May 26th OHS Underclass Exams   3rd and 4th Period
    Friday, May 27th Last Day of School   Early Release Day
      8th Grade Walkover    
Last Modified on April 25, 2023