• Transportation Changes (Reference Elementary Handbook page 45)

    Students may not make changes in the way they usually go home unless they have a note signed by their parent. Parents should give specific dates and instructions to explain any change to the way their child should be transported home. The principal or assistant principal must approve the note.

    Last minute requests for transportation changes can confuse and upset students. To avoid such confusion and disruption of the school during dismissal time, parents are asked to notify the school as early as possible if it becomes necessary to make an unanticipated change in the way their child should be transported home.


    *Transportation changes during the day can be brought to the front office, faxed to 770-288-3316, or emailed to jennifer.cook@henry.k12.ga.us, signed by the enrolling parent and include a copy of their drivers license. Please call 770-288-3237 to confirm receipt of the transportation change.  We are happy to assist with any changes before 2:00 pm.