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    Teacher Name: Amy Hembree
    School Email Address: amy.hembree@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: Leader In Me 7 Habits and ELA Standards


    Welcome to my webpage and to the world of Leader In Me! 
    As the teacher of The Leader Lab, I am looking forward to leading the CIE students to greatness as the future leaders of America!
    We will learn and put into daily practice The 7 Habits of Happy Kids! 
    I hope to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE my students, my teammates, and the CIE parents with my POSITIVE outlook
    and my WILLINGNESS to give my VERY BEST each day! Together, we can let the community in on the secrets of our success!
    Remember, the 7 Habits are very powerful at home as well as at school. The more we practice them, the easier it is to teach others!
    Habit 1  Be Proactive (Be in charge of yourself.)
    Habit 2  Begin with the end in mind. (Have a plan.)
    Habit 3  Put first things first. (Work first then play.)
    Habit 4  Think win-win. (Everyone can win.)
    Habit 5  Seek first to understand then be understood. (Listen then talk.)
    Habit 6  Synergize (Together is better.)
    Habit 7  Shrpen the Saw. (Balance in life feels better.)
    I would like to encourage you to join the Parent Lighthouse Team by simply completing an application through the front office, the PIP, or the Community Outreach Action Team. If I can assist you in any way, please feel free to email me here!