• Welcome to the Student Government Association of Ola High School


    Class Officer Election Results


    SGA President

    SGA Exec VP

    SGA VP Marketing

    SGA Secretary

    SGA Treasurer

    Alex Shin

    Melody Fowler

    Makayla Magee

    Averi Carter

    (TJ) Todd Bowser


    2023 President

    2023 VP

    2023 Secretary

    2023 Treasurer

    Mac Lane

    Vayda Chum

    Kimberly Cox

    Timmy Jones


    2024 President

    2024 VP

    2024 Secretary

    2024 Treasurer

    Lila Salmons

    Mahalia Djau

    Ansley Harvey

    Carley Wells


    2025 President

    2025 VP

    2025 Secretary

    2025 Treasurer

    Abby Harkcom

    Emma Ganes

    Reagan Trimble

    Cadyn Barnes


    2026 President

    2026 VP

    2026 Secretary

    2026 Treasurer

    Sara Wade

    Railey Lane Ashlyn Phillips Hailey Jinks



    Upcoming Activities

    Pet Adoption:  Pet of the Week featured every Tuesday on our social media

    Mustang Trot:  May 27 @ 10:00




    Executive President: Dylan Miller
    Vice President: Jaida Cooper
    Secretary: Emily Simpson
    Treasurer: Hope Mask
    CLASS OF 2022
    President: Ania Hill
    Vice President: Mikaela Smith
    Secretary: Laurel Ardis
    Treasurer: Malik Smith
    CLASS OF 2023
    President: Kimberly Cox
    Vice President: TJ Bowser
    Secretary: Blaiklyn Clayton
    Treasurer: Alex Shin
    CLASS OF 2024 
    President: Audrey McDonald
    Vice President: Arianna Walker
    Secretary: Danelle Varner
    Treasurer: Lila Salmons


    CLASS OF 2025
    President: Abby Harkcom
    Vice-President: Jillian Cooper
    Secretary: Reagan Trimble
    Treasurer: Elena Torres


    Sponsor:  Dr. Rodney Sizemore (charles.sizemore@henry.k12.ga.us) in Room 333



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