Teacher Name: Dr. Kellie J. White

    School Email Address: kellie.white@henry.k12.ga.us   

    Subjects I Teach: AP Biology and Forensic Science


     Welcome to my class!  I am excited to work with you as we explore science together this year.  I firmly believe science is best learned hands-on, so we will be doing labs throughout the school year.

    About me:  I grew up on a farm near a small town in southeastern Nebraska.  I went on to receive a BS in chemistry and a PhD in medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology.  I found out I had a passion for teaching when I worked in the undergraduate biology labs at Emory University.   I transitioned into secondary education in 2013. I have taught forensic science every year since I started teaching and have also taught AP Environmental science and environmental science in the past.

    The material that we will cover this year will be challenging.  Forensic science is a mixture of multiple sciences including physics, chemistry, biology, and immunology, among others; AP biology is an introductory college biology course that revolves around 4 Big Ideas.  All students should expect to spend at least 15-20 minutes each night reviewing the daily material, especially vocabulary.  We will be taking notes, performing labs and other hands-on activities in labs, and working to help students advance as critical thinkers, which will help them in both college and careers post-graduation.  

    All resources for your class can be found under the proper class heading on the left.  I look forward to a fun and successful year!