•  beta 1 Beta Club recognizes academic
     achievement, promotes
     character, develops leadership
     skills, and encourages
     community service. 
    Students in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade with an unweighted GPA of 3.0
    or higher (or 9th grade with at least a 90% average from middle school)
    and no serious disciplinary problems are eligible for consideration
    How to become a member of OHS Beta Club:
    Ola High School Beta is by APPLICATION ONLYapplication
    Those interested in helping their community and others,
    developing leadership skills, and strive to maintain
    academic excellence are welcome to apply.
    If you are a 9th grader that was in Junior Beta in middle school, you
    will still have to apply for OHS Beta (membership does NOT roll over). 
    10th - 12th graders that were members of OHS Beta last year, DO NOT
    need to re-apply.  
    (application link coming soon) 
    Once members are accepted into Beta Club, they must attend monthly
    meetings and serve at least 16 community service hours
    (minumum of 6 hours must from Beta Club sponsored events) 
    Missing more than one meeting in a semester results in the requirement of
    ONE ADDITIONAL service hour per meeting missed.  
    Get REMIND! messages (NEW): 
    Leadership Team 2020 - 2021:  TBD
    Outside Service Hours: (new form coming soon)
    Warning letters will be provided to members that are low on hours
    or have missed a meeting.  Members will be placed on probation for
    a specific amount of time to remedy any issues.  If issues are not
    resolved within that time, members can be removed from the
    organization for lack of participation.    
    grad  Senior Awards 
    Diploma Seal:  Members that are in good standing
    their senior year at OHS will receive a Beta Club
    Seal on their diploma

    Honor cord:  Senior members that meet ALL of the

    following requirements will be awarded with

    a graduation cord:

             1)  Beta Club member for a MINIMUM of 2 years.

             2)  Must AVERAGE 18 service hours per year for

                   the term of their membership.  

             3)  Must have not missed more than one meeting

                   per semester for the term of their membership.

Last Modified on September 10, 2020