The National English Honor Society would like to thank the Wolfpack community for your support at our annual Poetry Slam! J


    We would especially like to thank:


    Ms. Benjamin, Ms. Gordon, Ms. Russell, Ms. L. Scott, Ms. J. Smith, Ms. Howard, Ms. Reynolds, Ms. Erickson, Ms. Manson,  Mr. Simmons, the English Department, Ms. Glenn, Mr. Downer, Ms. Lovett, the Administrative Team, the entire front office staff, and custodial staff.


    Also, a special “thank you” to those faculty/staff and parents who attended the Poetry Slam.


    We would also like to thank our special guest performers:


    Cameron Bell (3rd grader; Woodland Elementary)

    Carter Bell (Kindergartner; A+ Preparatory Learning Academy)

    Elise Scudder (WHS Graduate, Class of 2019)

    Muva Earth (WHS Substitute Teacher)


    Please congratulate ALL of our Poetry Slam participants, Poetry Out Loud contestants and Open Mic performers (full list below), when you see them this week! They were A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Our 2020 Poetry Out Loud winners are:


    1st place: Eden Yancey (Senior; Dual Enrollment English Student) - $50.00 prize

    2nd Place: Tamecka Marecheau-Miller (Senior; Ms. Gordon’s Class) and Jessica Ngo (Freshman: Ms. Gordon's Class) - $30.00 prize

    3rd place: Olivia Martin (Junior: Ms. Scott's Class) - $15.00 prize


    Eden will go on to compete at the Metro Atlanta Area Regional Competition on February 9th from 1-3pm at the Atlanta History Center. Wish her luck!!!


    Here is a complete list of participants (some students even performed two poems [which is why their names appear twice below]!!!):


    1.       Open Mic Participant: Ahmad Hicks/Sophomore/Oliver/”Let America be America Again”

    2.       POL Contestant: Tamecka Marecheau-Miller/Senior/Gordon/”The Metal and the Flower”

    3.       Open Mic Participant: Devin Dwyer/Sophomore/Oliver/“Bouquet”

    4.       POL Contestant: Olivia Martin/Junior/Scott/“I Felt a Funeral in My Brain”

    5.       Open Mic Participant: Katelyn Butler/Senior/Gordon/”Eclogue VIII”

    6.       POL Contestant: Eden Yancey/Senior/Dual Enrollment/“How to Triumph Like a Girl”

    7.       Open Mic Participant: Kareena Narine-Singh/Junior/Scott/”School and Things”

    8.       POL Contestant: Jessica Ngo/Freshman/Gordon/“Lions”

    9.       1st Special Guest: Cameron Bell/3rd Grade at WES/Ms. Reid’s Class/“Slow Dance”

    10.   2nd Special Guest: Carter Bell/Kindergarten/Ms. Cook’s Class at A+ Preparatory Learning Academy/”The Power of One”

    11.   3rd Special Guest: Casey SilverRose/Alumni/Class of 2019

    12.   Open Mic Participant: Victoria Colon/Senior/Gordon/”Healing”

    13.   Open Mic Participant: Eden Celeste Yancey/Senior/Dual Enrollment Student/“I Got Flowers Today”

    14.   Open Mic Participant: Rachel Williams/Junior/Scott/”Breakfast in the Morning” (“Dejeuner du Matin”)

    15.   Open Mic Participant: Joie Weems & Jessica Borquay/Seniors/Gordon/“Dialogue between Body & Soul”

    16.   Open Mic Participant: Sabha Guyton/Senior/Gordon/”Untitled”

    17.   Open Mic Participant: Kendall Seveur/Sophomore/Oliver/“The American Dream”

    18.   Open Mic Participant: Olivia Martin/Junior/Scott/“Home”

    19.   Open Mic Participant: Rachel Williams/Junior/“Pick a Person”

    20.   Open Mic Participant: Taesha Marecheau-Miller/Freshman/Gordon/”I Have been One Acquainted with the Night”

    21.   Open Mic Participant: Abdallah Awad/Freshman/Whitcomb/“Shells in Exile”

    22.   Open Mic Participant: Katelyn Fernandes & Alyssa Luangxay/Sophomores/“I’m not the only One”

    23.   Open Mic Participant: Gabrielle Parchment/Freshman/Gordon/“Sunrise and Sunset”

    24.   Open Mic Participant: Jada Thapvongsa/Freshman/Gordon/ “Wind & Window Flower”

    25.   Open Mic Participant: Tamecka Marecheau-Miller/Senior/Gordon/”Goodbye”

    26.   Open Mic Participant: Jailynn Belford/Sophomore/Olliver/“Diana”

    27.   Open Mic Participant: Laila Wright/Sophomore/”Untitled” 

    28.   Open Mic Participant: Emmanuel Gardner/Freshman/Gordon/“The Race”

    See you next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ms. Bell, Mr. Oliver, Ms. Hall, & Ms. Sims (Sponsors), Ms. Gordon and Ms. L. Scott (Honorary Sponsors J) and NEHS Members