• Welcome to the New Hope Elementary Counseling Corner

    Counseling Services

     Services to Students

    •  Students are served through individual sessions, small groups, and core curriculum lessons, and crisis/emergency situations
    •  Individual students are referred either by a concerned adult or the student
    • Students are referred to small counseling groups by the classroom teacher. Small groups meet once a week for about 30 minutes & last 6-8 weeks

      Core Curriculum Lessons


    •  Core Curriculum Lessons
    •  Lessons are taught once per month
    • Additional lessons are taught upon teacher request

     Services to Parents, Teachers, & Community

    •  Services to parents include conferences/consultations, referrals, & parent education seminars
    • Services to the faculty & staff include conferences/consultations & staff development in-services
    • Services to the community include being a liaison between school & community & partnership to establish a network of resources