• We have a desire to move 100% of our students forward so they are at minimum reading at or above grade level.  This effort takes the work of everyone involved.  Children who do not read well statistically perform lower in school across the board.  Listed below is our expectation for all students at Fairview to help us reach our goal of 100% of our students "Reading Ready."
    1.  K-2 students must complete their nightly ticking with fluency activity.
    2.  Students K-5 must read 15-20 minutes each night.
    3.  All students must learn and understand the 12 Powerful Words listed on our website.
    4. Students are expected to write daily. 
    All students in grades 3-5 participate daily in a Language Arts rotation to include an:
    -Intensive Writing Workshop
    -Vocabulary Building Session
    -Close Novel Reading
    -Higher Order Questioning Class
    _Reading Remediation Session