• Continuous energy transformation between Potential and Kinetic energy. We will cover this in our Motion and Energy units.




     8-02  (Science) - Huff, Stephanie



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    Teacher Name: Stephanie Huff

    School Email Address:  stephanie.huff@henry.k12.ga.us

    Subject I Teach: 8th Grade Physical Science


    Physical Science Syllabus


    Course Objective:

    The course is designed as an introductory overview of the major concepts in chemistry and physics to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills in physical science. The course includes more abstract concepts such as structure of atoms, motion and forces, conservation of matter and energy, action-reaction principle, and the behavior of waves. These concepts are investigated through laboratory experiences designed for students to develop appropriate knowledge and skills in science as inquiry.


    Course Requirements:

    WELCOME! You're going to enjoy 8th Grade Physical Science. Students are required to actively participate on a daily basis and in laboratory experiences designed to aid understanding. In order to make this class as interesting and useful as possible, I'll need to get feedback from you. Please feel free to ask questions in class, participate, and have fun. I am available for you during the regular school hours, by request, as outlined in the in the Parent & Student Handbook.


    The Final Exam will be comprehensive per each semester. Additionally, each student is required to submit a Science Fair research project during the first semester.


    Course Outline

    Introduction to Physical Science

    Unit 1:  Properties of Matter

    Unit 2:  Energy and Its Transformations

    Unit 3:  Force and Motion

    Unit 4:  Characteristics of Waves

    Unit 5:  Electricity and Magnetism



    Students are expected to report to class prepared to learn.  Learning is both an individual and social process. Respecting others and adhering to all student handbook policies is mandatory.

    All assignments must be completed before grading. Though partial work is unacceptable, students ultimately miss the opportunity to receive full credit if they choose to turn assignments in late. 



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