• Sixth Grade Science


     6-01  (Science) - Huff, Stephanie



    Welcome Parents and Students to my 2021-2022 Web Page

    Teacher Name: Stephanie Huff

    School Email Address:  stephanie.huff@henry.k12.ga.us

    Subject I Teach: 6th Grade Earth Science



    Course Description:

    WELCOME to the wonderful World of Earth Science! Students will engage in learning and discovering about the amazing world around them. Included in the lessons will be information realated to  exploring the Solar System; discovering how rocks and minerals are formed; the process of how the Earth is shaped over time; the causes and effect of Earth's atmosphere; the location of water resources, and the Earth's renewable and non-renewable resources. As a 6th grade science team, we look forward to facilitating student's learning while creating a science exploration atmosphere that is rewarding and fun.



    10 The 2nd Semester Starts

    11-14 MAP Testing

    17 Martin Luther King Day


    21 Presidents Day (School System Closed)

    22-25 WINTER BREAK (Students & Teachers Out)


    18 Early Release


    4-8 SPRING BREAK (School System Closed) 


    27 Last Day of School (Early Release)



    Students: You are required to actively participate on a daily basis and in laboratory experiences designed to aid understanding. In order to make this class as interesting and useful as possible, I'll need to get feedback from you. Please feel free to ask questions in class, participate, and have fun. I am available for you during regular school hours and by request, as outlined in the in the Parent & Student Handbook.


    Course Outline

    Introduction to Earth Science

    Unit 1:  Universe and Solar System

    Unit 2:  Sun, Earth and Moon

    Unit 3:  Role of Water

    Unit 4:  Weather and Climate

    Unit 5:  Formation of the Earth's Surface

    Unit 6:  Rocks and Minerals

    Unit 7:  Weathering, Erosion and Soil

    Unit 8:  Conservation of Natural Resources


    The Final Exam will be comprehensive per each semester. Additionally, each student is required to submit a Science Fair research project during the first semester.



    Students are expected to report to class prepared to learn.  Learning is both an individual and social process. Respecting others and adhering to all student handbook policies is mandatory.

    All assignments must be completed before grading. Though partial work is acceptable, students ultimately miss the opportunity to receive full credit if they choose to turn assignments in late. 



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