• On this page, you will find specific information regarding school rules, procedures, and expectations. Please refer to the HCS Secondary Handbook Code of Conduct for additional: 2019-20 HCS Code of Conduct



    What are Citations?


    • Team-level and Connections steps that teachers follow when addressing student behavioral concerns. These are behaviors that do not rise to the level of an immediate office/behavior referral.
    • Examples of behaviors that may warrant a citation: Being tardy to class, not following directions, classroom disruptions, excessive lack of preparation for class, bringing prohibited items to class (toys, etc.), Inappropriate use of technology (playing games on Chromebook, etc.), Failure to meet school technology expectations, Horseplay/excessive playing, or any other behavior that is deemed detrimental to learning.


    • Possible citation consequences include: Warning, Silent Lunch, Detention, Administrator-Student Conference. Students will receive an office/behavior referral at the 5th citation.


    Office/Behavior Referrals

    • Teachers reserve the right to refer any misbehavior to administration as a referral (in lieu of a citation) that they deem to be excessive or outside of the scope of a classroom-managed behavior.
    • Referrals will generally result in consequences such as multiple days of In-School Suspension (ISS) or Out of School Suspension (OSS), depending on the severity of the offense and the number of prior violations the student has had. Administrators will determine the consequences for office referrals.
    • Please refer to the 2019-20 student handbook Code of Conduct for more details (linked above).


    UGMS Student Dress Code

    Click here to read the administrative Dress Code memo for 2019-20. 


    Cell phones should be off and in lockers at all times. Student learning devices (Chromebooks) may only be used for educational purposes and with the teacher’s permission. Teachers may allow phones to be used for certain EDUCATIONAL activities with TEACHER PERMISSION ONLY, but for the most part the student learning device will be used. Students will be responsible for damage to school devices and inappropriate activities when they are using these devices. Students should report any damage or misuse to a school device immediately. Henry County acceptable use policy applies to any technology used at school.

    Any type of personal device that is visible without permission or being misused will result in a behavior referral for "misuse of electronic communication devices." This can lead to consequences such as ISS or OSS. 

    Parents, please do not text or call your student during the school day. In the event of an emergency, please contact the front office.  We will not call students out of class to come to the phone, but will ensure information is relayed in EMERGENCY situations.

    Book bags / Bags 

    Book bags/ Back packs of any kind are not allowed in the classrooms and must be stored in lockers until the last locker break of the day. This includes draw string bags, gym bags, and large purses big enough to hold a notebook. Students taking PE may use a plastic grocery type bag to carry PE clothes in- no draw string bags are allowed for this purpose.



    Students should not arrive prior to 7:45AM. Students arriving before 8:30, will report to the gym to be seated with their respective grade level. The cafeteria begins serving breakfast at 8:00AM. Students arriving after 8:00AM should eat breakfast before going to the gym. Students will not be allowed to “hang out” at the breakfast tables. Students will be dismissed from the gym at 8:30 and will report directly to homeroom . Any student arriving to school after 8:45 will have to check-in at the attendance window (including those on a late bus).


    At the end of the day, dismissal begins at 3:55pm. After the afternoon announcements, approved walkers will be dismissed first. Bus changes are communicated to students over the intercom as well as through Remind texts. Students may have their phones out after the announcements for Remind texts, but should not be using them for other purposes.  Car riders will be dismissed after buses have dismissed. Students with last names beginning with A-K will wait under the bus ramp/awning side. Students with last names L-Z should wait on the grass/lawn side.  All vehicles should pull all the way up to load so that the line can keep moving. Students will not be allowed to be picked up in the front of the school or allowed to walk to an alternate pickup location.