• DMS Spike Policy
    Discipline is a necessary component of any successful classroom and school. At Dutchtown Middle School, we use the "SPIKE" system. Students who commit minor infractions, such as talking too much, not following directions, or otherwise causing a disruption to the learning environment, may receive a "spike." Each spike serves as documentation of the student's misbehavior, and the accompanying consequences for each spike escalate with each one received. Before a teacher issues a “Spike”, a deliberate, individual warning will be given to the student. After giving the student a verbal warning, the teacher will move to the first offense/first spike. Spikes will be issued on a carbon copy form that will be used to notify the parent of the spike and will serve as documentation purposes.


    First spike:  Silent Lunch & Parent contact

    Second spike:  Full day of In-team & Parent Contact

    Third spike:  Parent Conference or Phone Conference

    Fourth spike:  Office Referral


    Spikes accumulate for a period of six weeks. At the end of six weeks, all spikes are thrown out and the student starts over. However, if the student has received any office referrals due to spikes or other issues, those continue to accrue for the whole year.



    What is silent lunch? During silent lunch the student will be asked to sit away from their peers or may be taken back to a teacher’s classroom. During this time, the student will eat their lunch without talking or communicating to others.


    What is In-team? In-team is similar to ISS (in school suspension) without an office referral. During this time the student will receive all of their assignments from their academic teachers and will be seated in an isolated area within a teacher’s classroom. The student will be responsible for completing all assignments and will not be able to interact with their peers.


    What is an Office referral? In the event that a student is issued an office referral, a detailed report of the student’s offense is sent to the grade level administrator. The grade level administrator will then handle the discipline issue and issue a consequence. Possible consequences include: conferencing with the student, parent contact, ISS (In school suspension), OSS (Out of school suspension), or referral to a hearing.
Last Modified on July 14, 2014